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I was going to refinance my home and with the proceeds I was having Optima help me .

my refinance fell through and I asked Optima for my money back because I am on fixed income and cannot afford it .I called to cancel and emailed the cancel notice but nothing, there was no interest anymore because I was asking for a refund.They said that the $ 995 was non refundable and the $500 they would ask the bosses if they can refund it to me .

I was disgusted and complained to the BBB and to no success.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.


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They tool my financial information and my IRS debt info, and then took my case, and my money.8 months later called me on a Saturday to tell me I had x amount of dollars disposable income and they couldn't help me.

I believe I was scammed.Consumer beware.

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